Wedge Resection of Ingrown Toenails

What is a wedge resection of an ingrown toenail?

A wedge resection is a minor surgical procedure performed to treat a painful ingrown toenail.

What self-care measures can be used to treat an ingrown toe nail?

In the early stages of an ingrown toenail, the following self-care measures may help resolve the condition:

  • Practicing good foot hygiene
  • Trimming the nail straight across
  • Gently pushing the skin away from the nail using a cotton bud
  • Wear well fitting, comfortable shoes

When is a wedge resection of an ingrown toenail necessary?

A wedge resection may be necessary when self-care measures or conservative treatments do not help relieve the painful symptoms of an ingrown toenail.

What can you expect during wedge resection of an ingrown toenail?

After administration of a local anaesthetic so that you do not feel any pain, an incision is made through the length of your nail. A second incision is made along the outside edge of the nail meeting the first incision at both ends. The incisions are deepened to meet beneath the nail. The wedge of nail and a little bit of flesh between the 2 incisions is then removed. Following this, the wound may be closed using a dissolvable stitch.

What precautions should be taken following wedge resection of an ingrown toenail?

Immediately following the procedure, your toe will be wrapped in a bandage to allow the incisions to heal and  prevent infection. You should avoid weightbearing on the affected foot and keep your foot elevated for about a day or two. To alleviate the pain after the anaesthetic wears off, you may be prescribed a painkiller and must wear open-toed sandals or comfortable shoes for a couple of days.



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