Doctor Selection


Most referrals to our practice are made by local GPs and other specialists who are aware of our experienced care, successful outcomes and excellent reputation as they have had other patients in their practice treated by us.  Word of mouth, mainly from our past patients is exceptionally important building and maintaining reputation. Often patients’ family members, relatives, neighbours, friends or colleagues / clients will recommend our practice.  However a current referral from a GP is a Medicare requirement to claim the specialist rebate

For your convenience a downloadable referral form is available here to be taken to your GP for discussion.

Please feel welcome to make contact with our friendly and knowledgeable who will answer as many questions as possible over the telephone.

We will ensure you are booked to see Mr Bickford as soon as a spot is available and convenient for you.

Online Research

A lot of patients have already researched on the internet about GI surgery and GI surgeons online. It is important for individuals to understand that sometimes the vast information on the web can be overwhelming and confusing to them despite most websites being informative.

When choosing a surgeon, its best the patient aligns with someone they will feel confident and comfortable with.

Second Opinion

Our practice does see referrals for second opinions for certain procedures both local and international.

We also collaborate with other surgeons when necessary for second opinions as well.


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